Kandi In Public Bracelets. Pass something meaningful on!

I don’t know if you guys know about Kandi In Public bracelets, but this is the first time I have heard about them and I had to share it on New Labels Only!

The previously had a Kickstarter Campaign and it was very successful and this time they are back with an Indiegogo campaign and it is going pretty well so far.

If you do not know about Kandi In Public, like me, it is a very simple concept. Each bracelet has an empowering message on them than means something personal to you. When you meet someone who you think will benefit from that message on it, you pass it forward to them. Each bracelet comes with a unique serial ID where you can go online, and read and share stories of where your bracelet has been, and the lives it has touched as it travels from wrist to wrist!

This sounds pretty awesome and inspiring!


So how can you pass on your message and see where your bracelet is?

I’ll show you in the power of images!


You have your own personal ID for the bracelet engraved on a little charm. You then either use their app or website to enter you ID and write the message you wish.


Here is the bracelet is more detail!


The Colour and Message

The colour and the message signify something empowering that is personal. For example the bracelet which I absolutely love symbolises something meaningful. It is not just there for the sake of it. You can choose a word with a maximum of 8 letters and have a choice of 5 different colours.


The Colour: Grey is a solid and stable color that creates composure and balance between the extremes of black and white. Those who identify with the color grey are mature individuals who are dependable and practical.

The Message: Life will always present situations that scare us. When there are unfamiliar or dangerous feats ahead, we can’t cower away in fear. Wear this message as a reminder that you are fearless and bold. Then pass it on to someone who needs to be brave about what lies ahead.what lies ahead.


Kandi In Public Bracelets are definitely the fashion bracelets of the future .It would absolutely be great to know what your mum or someone close to you wrote about the bracelets and what inspired them 10 years from now.

The bracelets are on offer on the Kandi In Public Indiegogo page and the cost around $14 or £12. If you want to check them out and learn more about them, do visit their page.


I hope that I have done my job and brought you the latest brand and labels with Kandi In Public. I would love to know what colour and message you would put on your bracelets. Do let me know in the comment below. Thank you for stopping by!

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9 thoughts on “Kandi In Public Bracelets. Pass something meaningful on!

  1. I love this. I always associate “Kandi” as the colored bead bracelets from my raver days so when I saw the title I was expecting something nostalgic, but this is much more exciting! I will have to give these a try! Well I’m broke so maybe I’ll just have to hope to be given one. I am a DV survivor and live with PTSD-it’s what I blog about because it’s so ingrained within them fabric of my day-to-day. I would love a bracelet theme that represents the strength, resilience, and empathy that result from surviving that type of trauma. Thank you sharing this awesome trend!

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