Featherbuns. For a Fair World & Colourful Hair!

So what is new in the world of fashion?

That simple answer is Featherbuns!

Huh? Featherbuns?

 Featherbuns  by ANNAMARIAANGELIKA is a unique and angelic hair accessories. It is similar to the Flower Crown Halo but the Featherbuns can be tied in various ways and style to make your hair gorgeous, captivating and exquisite.




So what makes it unique?

 The Featherbuns are made out of upcycled silk instead of real feathers from birds. What is upcycle? Upcycle is basically when you resuse discarded material which has defects or just thrown away. In terms of the Featherbuns, they use new and unused silk scarves with minor imperfection along with second hand scarf to create the outstanding Featherbuns.

Sustainability is something which I really love to promote on New Labels Only and this really fits the bill. A huge thank you from New Labels Only to Featherbuns by ANNAMARIAANGELIKA for protecting the environment while still making us look good!

 “Let us appreciate the treasures that are right in front of us and make their beauty shine. “

 The Collection

The Featherbuns come is three different styles and nine different bright colours.

 Style: Classic Featherbun


Style: Featherbandeau 


Style: Bridal Featherbun


How to style the Featherbun



 Well ANNAMARIAANGELIKA is a new fashion label originating from Berlin, Germany. Their fashion statement and design are heavily influenced by Peru and its inhabitants.

 Featherbuns is not their only fashion item, they have a clothing range from shirts to hats. Personally, all of their  style and fashion identity is unique and really stunning. I would really encourage you to visit their website to see of their style.

If you would like to know more about the ANNAMARIAANGELIKA, do click me!

 Do let me what you think about the Featherbuns. Is it going to be on your shopping list anytime soon?

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15 thoughts on “Featherbuns. For a Fair World & Colourful Hair!

  1. I really love how these add color and texture to your hair! They make for a comfortable to wear accessory that really lets you show your own personality. Super cute…and I know my daughters (all 3) would love them!


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