Wyilda af Norden. Stunning Sustainable Sumptuous Scarf by Scandinavia

Introducing the elegant, beautiful and graceful scarves collection from Wyilda af Norden.

Founded in Scandinavia by two childhood friends, Petra and Hanna, Wyilda af Norden’s scarves are taking over the scarf fashion market with their highly desirable designs and premium crafted scarves.

All of Wyilda-scarves are crafted from premium silk, with hand sewn hems and each with its own certificate of authenticity. Each design celebrates the Far North – the land of the Wild.

In the Far North, a tiny snowflake starts an avalanche. With the whispers of the Wind, She sweeps across the World. She is a force of nature; her name is Wyilda. Wyilda is seduced by the charms of the World, but soon learns that he is a fickle soul. Armed with courage and a cunning fox riding on her shoulders, Wyilda sets out to change the wicked ways of the World.

 Northerners know all too well that a single snowflake can start an avalanche. However, an avalanche by its very nature is an elaborate dance of billions of snowflakes. So, Wyilda calls upon all Wild Ones to join her quest. She calls upon you.

 Mesmerising. Isn’t it?

The Grand Vision

The size of the business does not matter, it is the size of the vision!

Even though Wyilda af Norden having just entered the business world, they want to leave an everlasting mark on it and they want other fashion brand to follow them.

Wyilda af Norden wants to be in complete control of their production in developing countries. They want to introduce Nordic like employment benefits to their workers. Wyilfa af Norden want their workers to have the same benefits, healthcare, working hours, paid vacation and also child care as they have in Scandinavia.

They believe in leading by example, and we at New Labels Only believe they are doing so.

How great would it be if every fashion brand do what Wyldia af Norden are doing?

No more exploitation of millions of people working in fashion factories and equality in all areas of the working life.

Why are they different?

Two words. Sustainability. Ethical.

Wyilda af Norden has put great emphasis on producing their scarves without damaging the environment.   The work with suppliers who are OEKO TEX certified. For those who do not know that this mean, it is a regulation body which test fabrics which are used during production  are safe from any hazardous chemicals.

They are also planning to improve their sustainability even more by planning to use recycled silk in future production.

In terms of being ethical, Wyilda af Norden care about their workers. They have collaborate with AWAJ – a trade union in Bangladesh.

Awaj represents hundreds of thousands of women working in fashion factories. Their services include: legal aid, education, assistance with negotiations and childcare. AWAJ makes a difference, and Wyilda af Norden donate 5 percent of our profits to them.

Your support counts!

We encourage to support this amazing company in achieving their mission of going into production with their sustainably produced scarves.

This would really mean a lot to Wyilda af Norden and also to the fashion industry as they will be setting a huge example of how to ethically produce clothes.

Your support will not go unrecognised.  For each contribution you make, you will be rewarded.

Do support them as soon as possible before the scarves are gone!

Visit Wyilda for more information


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38 thoughts on “Wyilda af Norden. Stunning Sustainable Sumptuous Scarf by Scandinavia

    1. Thank you Andrea. Sustainability is really key for the long term of businesses and also for the environment! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. That is a beautiful scarf ! I love the story behind the company and that they are sustainable as well! Really beautiful!


  2. Those scarves are so lovely! I am in love with the colors and patterns and I’d love to get one for myself. I really like that it’s made without damaging the environment.


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